Summer To-Do List


Summer to do list, The way to my hart

While reading Emily’s Summer to-do list, it inspired me to create one of my own and list all the things that I want to do and experience this summer. Since summer is almost half way through its season, I’m happy I’ve checked a couple of things off the list already and still have lots of things left to experience before labor day. Here are my top 10!

1. Attend an outdoor concert.  (Check out these, if you’re in NYC)

2. Spend the day bike riding.

3. Get creative with bold nail designs.

4. Read more books.

5. Go to an outdoor movie (I’m leaning towards this one).

6. Detox from caffeine (It was extremely hard, but I did it!)

7. Take a cooking class with a fancy chef.

8. Find the perfect nude heel.

9. Work on my Youtube Channel. (Check it out if you haven’t already & Subscribe xo).

10. Plan a road trip.

What are some things on your summer to-do list?


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  • Charu Sharma

    Great list! :)

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    Happy thursday!


  • Emma
    • Jessica Lee Hart

      Thank you xo

  • Rachel

    love your list, i’ve been really into reading lately! it’s so relaxing!

    Makeshift Munch