DIY: Depotting Lipsticks

Steve Madden


DIY Depotting Lipsticks

I cringed the day I mistakenly twisted my lipstick with the top on. I’m still unclear how this happened, but sadly it did. If this has happened to you, I feel your pain. I found an easy way to save that broken, melted or smashed lipstick. Depotting lipsticks can help save your favorite colors, formulas and of course money.

MAC, Jubilee, Nude, Lipstick, Broken, Smashed, Lips

Lipstick: MAC Jubilee

Use a butter knife to dig out all the product left at the bottom of your broken, smashed lipstick tube. You’ll be surprised how much product is still left in the bottom.

Melted, Over Candle, Pouring

Put all the product from the tube onto a spoon and heat it over a candle (as shown above) or over a lighter until melted. Take the melted lipstick and pour it into a small container.


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  • Josephine Fear

    Such a brilliant idea!! I did this to my favourite red on a night out so will definitely be deporting it this eve! Thanks!

    Josie xoxo

    Fashion Mumblr

    • Jessica Lee Hart

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who smashed her own lipstick. Happy I could help :)

  • Nancy U

    I was thinking of doing that. Thanks for sharing. This may help organize my vanity.

    • Jessica Lee Hart

      This can definitely be a way to organize. Thanks for stopping by Nancy!

  • Alex

    Wow that is an awesome DIY! I never would have thought to do that!


    • Jessica Lee Hart

      Thanks Alex!

  • carly

    Another genius idea! I always manage to smash or nick my lipsticks too!

    • Jessica Lee Hart

      I’m glad you found this helpful :)

  • vanessa
    • Jessica Lee Hart

      Thanks :)

  • gabrielle

    wow, i would have never thought to do this! this is a great way to save a pricier lipstick or one that you really love and can’t replace right away.


    • Jessica Lee Hart

      I’m happy you found this useful. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jackie

    This is such a simple idea, and I’ve never thought of it before! I’ll give it a try next time :)

    xoxo Jackie

    Something About That

    • Jessica Lee Hart

      I’m happy you found this helpful Jackie :)

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    Your welcome :)

  • Teffy

    Whaaat!? I never knew that was an option! Ingenious.

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

    • Jessica Lee Hart

      Hope you give it a try, save the lipsticks! Thanks for stopping by Teffy :)

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  • chroniclesofglam

    Where do you get the jars from