Inside Hart: Bank Vaults, Waterfalls & Tea Parties

IH Bank1

Inside Hart will be replacing “Day in the Life” going further. No worries, just the name will be changing… the content will remain the same. I started this series to share a more personal side of my life through photos, and in the near future I will also add an occasional video to give you an extra look inside of my day.

If you’ve been on this blogging journey with me since the beginning, then you’d know a few of “the ways to my Hart.” Outside of fashion and beauty, I love to travel, eat amazing food, and go on daily adventures.

IH Bank2
IH Bank4
IH Bank5
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IH Bank7

On this Inside Hart, a short getaway to the Pocono Mountains was just what we needed. Shortly after we arrived at the beautiful Ledges Hotel, we ventured out into the small neighboring town and found this cute little restaurant that was previously a bank. The decor inside still had remnants of the bank blended in with the design which included a large vaulted door and original PO boxes now used as a bar table. How cool!?

After lunch we took the time to unwind and listen to our surroundings. I chose this hotel because of its ambiance and the relaxing feeling it gave through their website, but my pictures do not do this place justice. The atmosphere was very laid back which allowed us to appreciate the scenery. What better way to spend the afternoon but with a cup of tea admiring the waterfall in front of us.

More beautiful days ahead…


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  • Jackie Harrison

    Wow major change you heading toward a unique direction on your blog cool.

  • shannon

    The view in that last picture looks absolutely amazing! Sounds like it was a nice getaway!

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  • Jessica Lee Hart

    A good change… right?! Thank you for reading :)

  • The Office Armoire

    Wow, you got some great shots! I LOVE the modern yet vintage feel of the hotel. Gorgeous, I can’t wait until I’m able to travel. Until then, I’ll just travel vicariously through you, haha! Thanks for sharing, I’m already loving this new segment :).


  • Jenna Doeleman

    Wow! Looks like such a nice, cozy, beautiful place!

    Jenna ♥ ♥

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    I’m happy you love this segment. Yes! I’ll do lots of travel just for you :) Thanks for reading!

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    It really was beautiful. Thanks for stopping by Shannon :)

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    It definitely was relaxing and such a cute, cozy place to stay… I recommend it if you’re thinking of traveling to the Pocono’s.

  • Kirsty Barrett

    looks lovely x

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    Thank you Kristy :)

  • carly

    Everything about this is gorgeous! That place looks so cool and unique– definitely a nice few days away I’m sure :)

  • Isabel

    The getaway looks absolutely lovely! Hope you enjoyed it!

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    Gorgeous is the perfect word :) Thanks Carly.

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    We did, thanks Isabel. I still have more photos to share… stay tuned!

  • MywalletMystyle

    Hi Jessica,
    Lovely pictures! What a peaceful and romantic location. Definitely bookmarking this! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    Peaceful is the perfect word. Definitely bookmark!

  • Supal

    oof the interiors on that place is just stunning! I love a good dark, dark wood against black. Something is so romantic and dramatic about it. Lovely photos! x

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    I agree, the dark wood was stunning. It reminded me of someone’s home kitchen instead of a restaurant. It gave a cozy feel as if you were having dinner at your friend/family’s house.

  • Jennie May

    Adventures are the best! Beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing <3

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    Thanks Jennie :)

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