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Denim Shirt to Match

I love the denim on denim trend when broken up some way. Which, is why I probably wear this look way too much. As you can see here and here. I find the plaid shirt breaks up the matching denim

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Summer to Fall Styling Tips

As you’ve read in my last few posts, September has been that awkward yet beautiful month filled with warm days and cooler nights. It’s that transitional period where it’s okay to pair shorts with long sleeves and boots with shorts.

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Links I Hart

A yoga pose for cramps, the simmering smell of autumn and the perfect way to eat a cupcake are just a few Links I Hart this week!

Long and Short

Finding the right balance when seasons are changing is always a bit challenging. Since the weather may start to cool down a bit over the next few weeks, my outfits will be a mix of long and short proportions. My arms

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Classic Red Lip Shades

After seeing all the celebs at the Emmys sporting classic red lips, it was obvious that red was the ultimate lip trend for Fall. Colors like pink, orange and purple certainly have their time and place, but a classic red lip shade will always look simply amazing.