DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub 3

My main goal for summer, beauty wise, is to make more of an effort to wear my bright lipsticks as much as possible before the seasons change and my bright orange lipsticks become too bold to wear

Links I Hart

Links I Hart, thew ay to my hart, Peach Margarita, Closet Laundry Service, Bloomingdales, Top 10 most popular hair styles, creative gardening ideas, Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Teaser

5 Links I Hart this week!
1. Top 10 most popular hair tutorials, & I totally agree. (

2. Refreshing, Sweet and Easy to make Peach Margaritas. (

3. The Fifty

Back Strap Detail

Back Strap Detail, the way to my hart, Jessica Hart, Vintage, canary yellow, Knee length skirt, LC Lauren Conrad Tank

While on one of my most recent vintage shopping trips I found this gorgeous canary yellow knitted knee length skirt. I had already pictured an outfit in my head on an outing to showcase its beauty,