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Favorite Drugstore Foundation for Oily Skin

Growing up with oily skin was horrible when I was younger. My skin was prone to acne and I was oily throughout my T-zone. I got a handle on it as I got older, figuring out what products work best on

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Fur Vest and Leather Sleeves

Dressing for winter can become more difficult as the months go by (and it’s been snowing non-stop in nyc). Sweater, jacket, scarf; the usual reliable basics become repetitive, so I decided to layer a fur vest/tailored coat with leather sleeves

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Harrisburg, PA

{ Pennsylvania Capitol Building } A few weeks back we visited my mom in PA (which, has now become her home). And, as many years as she has lived in this area of Pennsylvania I’ve never really explored the city

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The Long Bob

For a few month now, I’ve been desperate for a change. I love the look of long hair and I was growing my hair for years, but there’s something special about having an actual style, like a long bob that makes

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3 Easy Ways To De-Fuzz Your Sweaters

Sweater season is in full swing, which means I needed to get my must have sweaters this season in tip top shape. The most common issue with sweaters, is when the twisted fibers that make up a knit are exposed to

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