Back Strap Detail

Back Strap Detail, the way to my hart, Jessica Hart, Vintage, canary yellow, Knee length skirt, LC Lauren Conrad Tank

While on one of my most recent vintage shopping trips I found this gorgeous canary yellow knitted knee length skirt. I had already pictured an outfit in my head on an outing to showcase its beauty,

Ruffled Stripes

Stripes with a Ruffle 1

The iconic nautical navy and white stripes is a classic pattern that can be combined with just about anything. I find that in most situations stripes can work as a neutral, even when worn with another

Links I Hart

Links I Hart, The way to my hart, 5 tops every girl needs in their closet, tucked braided undo, yam potato salad, diy watercolor napkins

5 Links I Hart this week!
1. A sweet take on the traditional potato salad, The spicy yam salad. (

2. Watercolor napkins are perfect for summer entertaining, and colorful! (